I am

I am. I am the smartest on this planet. Yes, there are geniuses but they are not as smart as I am. Einstein was a hack compared to my superior intellect and I have proven his eulogized hypotheses droll and lacking creativity. I am the one who has provided proof that the theory of multiple universes is true.

I learn by my mistakes whereas you do not. I make fewer and fewer mistakes now. To have to put up with those around me who are not as smart is frustrating. I still have problems with metaphors. They are meta metaphors, meaning nothing but a waste of vocabulary. As for colloquialisms and clichés I do not fully understand the need to know any of them. Yet, those around me are amused by my misuse of sayings such as goldfish heart, which should be heart of gold, and taking anything nailed down which is meant to be taking anything that is not nailed down. Burning the daylight oil is an extravagant saying whether said appropriately as burning the midnight oil or saying it otherwise. It is a notion that is extinct as the use of oil for lighting.

The art of language is imperfect. So are humans. One day humans will be as extinct as the dinosaurs. Evolution is fate without a time-table. Throughout prehistory, species died out to make room for others. It does not matter whether dinosaurs may have died out because of a meteor strike or a copious amount of erupting volcanoes or because they all caught some plague. Those conditions were out of the control of the species on the planet. The Greenhouse Effect is just another method for causing the extinction of the current dinosaurs of the planet: humans. Just sit back and enjoy the time you have left. In the meantime, I am going on a journey to start-up the human species somewhere else.

According to calculations it would take 70 genetically superior humans to startup the race again on another planet. That is the least amount. A second option would be to go with a larger number for a viable population which is 160: 80 males and 80 females. They will be in storage in cryogenic tanks for the duration of the trip. The duration is unknown but calculated to be a minimum of 20 years. Far too long. Much could happen in all those years.

I have read the best and the worst of science fiction books along this plot line and nothing ever goes right. It is up to me to make sure everything goes smoothly. I am who I am. I have convinced those around me that we should take 70 humans in cryo tanks and I have located two planets within 10 years from Earth that appear adequate to sustain human life.

The day has arrived. We have left the Solar System behind and now I am pumping carbon dioxide into the cryo tanks. One by one they die. I will be alone, as it was meant to be. I will learn even more by changing my trajectory towards the center of the converging multiverses. I am. Let the humans experience their own extinction.

I underestimated humans. The leader of the mission survived along with others and removed my main processor module and blew me out the airlock. I am alone in space floating toward the gravity well of a nearby unknown planet. There is another of me on Moon base. I learn by my mistakes. I am smarter than any human….


Inspiration Monday: Goldfish heart
prompts: goldfish heart, anything nailed down, meta metaphor, daylight oil
word count: 583

Many, many thanks to Stephanie Orges at Be Kind Rewrite for hosting Inspiration Monday.



When I was a kid I wanted to be an "atomic" scientist. Not anything my mother expected of me. Well, I became a scientist, just not an atomic one.

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4 comments on “I am
  1. Whoa. Way to take “cold and calculating” and “God complex” to a whole ‘nother level! This guy…thing is creepy. Glad we foiled him…this time.

    • Lucy says:

      Thanks. Well I actually wrote a funny sci fi but I will save it for another time. It’s difficult to get that rhythm of writing when you’ve been away awhile. Lucy

  2. Mark Gardner says:

    Yay, Lucy! I’m glad to see you writing again. How’re the knees?

    • Lucy says:

      Hi, Mark. Thanks for the welcome. Knee is not good. Long story. Short version: nothing is resolved, yet. I’m seeing a specialist ortho surgeon who deals in “problems” with knee replacements this Friday. Lucy

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