The Consultation


Copyright Douglas M. Macilroy

Copyright Douglas M. Macilroy


“Dr. Lewis, will my son be normal?”

“Mrs. Gladstone, if you mean by normal will your boy be an overachiever:  graduate from college, get a high paying job;  marry a classy woman and have beautiful, genius, children and belong to the Country Club?  That is considered exceptional...

Conversely, if you mean by normal will your son be a underachiever:  won’t finish high school,  lose his driver’s license;  is regularly unemployed, has a pregnant girlfriend with a couple of kids?  Unfortunately, these days that is normal.  Your son will never be exceptional, Mrs. Gladstone, but he will be normal.”

“Oh, good.”


Friday Fictioneers:  04/18/14
Word Count:  100

Many thanks to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting Friday Fictioneers.



When I was a kid I wanted to be an "atomic" scientist. Not anything my mother expected of me. Well, I became a scientist, just not an atomic one.

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11 comments on “The Consultation
  1. Aint it the truth! Expectations are so often unrealistic. 😉

    • Lucy says:

      I was wondering if I was being a little too harsh with my social commentary through the doctor. Thanks so much for reading my story and I appreciate you commenting and affirming my criticism of current society. I must be careful, I can be very opinionated at times. Lucy

      • As writers, I’m not sure any of us should be careful… mindful, yes… but then, you have to be prepared for feedback that may not be supportive. Ultimately, I think it’s worth some heat, to speak your mind. I’m an opinionated person too. It won’t appeal to everyone, but I’m true to myself. 😉

  2. tedstrutz says:

    Okay… that was different! Nice.

    • Lucy says:

      Thank you. I’m a bit of a social critic and I have to watch myself. Thank you for reading my story and I appreciate all comments. Lucy

  3. Dear Lucy,

    I work with a lot of normal people. 😉 Good one.



  4. Nicely written. Your idea of the new normal is right on, I think. I don’t have kids but see many who think losing a drivers license, not finishing high school, and so on is almost expected (and did you mean lose a drivers license instead of lost? if not, ignore me.)

    • Lucy says:

      Yes, I mean losing a license. I don’t have kids either but what I’ve seen and heard is scary.and a shame. As an anthropologist I’ve met a lot of people. There are parents out there who get excited/happy because their 15 year old is having a baby. I’m afraid this way of thinking and living is locked into several generations. Oh, well. thanks for stopping by and reading my little story. I appreciate all comments. Lucy

  5. Good story and well written. I think sometimes people who appear happy to others are just making the best of what happens. They’re often not going to show their true feelings, especially when it comes to their children. If a baby is born out-of-wedlock to a teenager who is their child, it’s their grandchild, family, and they naturally love it. They sometimes don’t encourage marriage between the parents though because there’s a clear chance it might not last if the parents are that young.
    Also, you can’t force a child to go to college and do well. Perhaps they won’t need college to take up their chosen profession and it would be a waste of time and money for them. For instance, a talented mechanic would need to study at a trade school and perhaps have a better chance at a well-paying job than a college graduate. I had a cousin who repaired large rigs and he always had a well-paying job. He was in demand. He hadn’t even finished high school but was exceptionally talented at repairing trucks. Normal is different for each particular person. Each of us is different and we can’t be lumped together. I think some statistics are ridiculous. I also don’t believe all surveys. It depends on who’s being surveyed.

  6. Lucy says:

    Thank you for your commentary. Throughout my anthropology career I’ve always had to be politically correct– at all times. I never could put into print my opinions just my observations. I’m still a bit shy about expressing my point of view. And, my point of view changes as the years pass. I do appreciate your comments. it gives me information I can think about. Thank you for coming by. Lucy.

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